About cbelow

Caspar Below is an artist experimenting with our relationships to communities, technology and power.

Previous projects have involved audiences in re-enacting crowd control, finding new parent memories for orphaned family photos and answering a multitude of inquiries via text message as the SMS Oracle.

He set up pirate radio broadcasts in a Northern Irish village and used secret filming to map the no-go  aura  of governmental buildings by stepping into its sensitive zones. More recently he collected bad advice and disposed of it in a series of cleansing rituals as well as running workshops training South Londoners in DIY techniques of urban mass evacuation.


Selected exhibitions, events and screenings



  • Modern Rituals, "Common & Garden", CGP, London 


  • “Portrait of the Artist Who Has a Day Job”, “Advice on Life” and “Lessons from the Incredible Radio Clock”, headphones trail, three locations at Sonophilia Festival, Lincoln
  • "Trilogy of Painful Changes", video trilogy, Out Of Frame - Disruptive Tech, Philadelphia Tech Week, Philadelphia/Pennsylvania, USA
  • Screening of “Sidewinder”, g͠lͮi̔tc̝h̳ video screening at Portland Community Media, USA
  • "The End of Ebb and Flow", Filmideo, Newark Museum, Newark/New Jersey, USA
  • "The End of Ebb and Flow", ATHICA, Micromedia Fest, Athens/Georgia, USA


  • "The Disjointed Changelog", video, Art Language Location 2015, Centre for Computing History
  • "Trilogy of Painful Changes", video trilogy, Art Language Location 2015, Anglia Ruskin University
  • "The End of Ebb and Flow", Pool group show, Bermondsey Arts Group - CGP London

  • Collaboration: Soundscape production for multi-channel video show by Indian artist Parvathi Nayar, Chennai - India, March 2015


  • Foundation of Camberwell Arts Archive, research residency Camberwell Arts & Lambeth Archives, to kick-off a festival archive, artefact collection and oral history interviews, London

  • “Vauxhall Festschrift”, celebratory zine and sticker e-book, Below Press, London


  • “Commuter Audio Algorithm”, London Sinfonietta, #RSVP Postal Pieces, mail art exhibition, London

  • “Payday Loan Cenotaph”, pop-up memorial installation, Camberwell Open, London

  • Noise Intercepted, 6-month sound art challenge, Vancouver & online


  • Screening of “Sidewinder”, Disposable Film Festival at the Cinema Museum, London

  • “Liquid Memorials”, commemorative cocktails event for festival opening, Camberwell Arts Festival, London


  • Videoclub, Beyond Surveillance: video screening and panel discussion

  • South Hill Park

  • Electric Palace Cinema, Hastings

  • Aspex, Portsmouth

  • Bracknell

  • “OneDayOnearth”, global participatory video project, screenings worldwide, incl. United Nations headquarters NY


  • Screening of “iDrone London”, pop-up cinema Camberwell Arts Festival, London  

  • Videoclub: Beyond Surveillance Lighthouse, Brighton  

  • “A Global Surveillance Society?” screening at conference at UCL, London


  • “Self-Evacuation for Londoners”, presentation and participatory workshop at Volume Gallery, London  

  • “I Told You So - new rituals for the everyday” participatory project to archive and process bad advice, Camberwell Arts, London  


  • “Time” presentation on artists' time at the Stephen Lawrence Gallery, Greenwich University , London  

  • “21st Century Anxiety conference”, video screening, presentation and panel discussion, Nottingham University, Nottingham  

  • “The DIY Handbook for Political Painting”, installation and publication, Below Press , London  


  • Video screening, Underground/Overground at Madame Lillie's Gallery, London  

  • Video screening, Trampoline festival: The Surveillance City Broadway Media Centre, Nottingham  

  • “Pirate Radio Cushendall”, Residency at the Curfew Tower, Cushendall, Co Antrim, NI  

  • “Art and Anarchism”, The 2007 Almanac of Political Art, published by Sophie Hope

  • “SMS Oracle” at The Way I See it, live art festival, London

  • Video screening, Saison Video 2007 École regionale superieure d’expression plastique, Tourcoing, France

  • Art and Money, 5 short radio pieces for Resonance FM, Frieze Art and UBUweb


  • Video screening, Clerkenwell Film and Video Festival at the Crypt on the Green, London

  • Anominal 2, improvised sonic collaboration between artists and musicians, Flea Pit Gallery, London

  • Made in Video, video festival by Chamber of Public Secrets , Copenhagen  

  • Anominal, improvised sonic collaboration between artists and musicians, Flea Pit Gallery, London


  • Video screening at Video London, Espai Ubu , Barcelona, Spain  

  • “Black Park”, collaboration with Errol Francis for a2arts/DeptfordX, online

  • “SMS Oracle” performance at Coagulation, group show curated by Kim Fielding and Simon Mitchell, tactileBOSCH, House, Chapter, More Front Studios and online, Cardiff  

  • The Flag Project, 254 Bethnal Green Road, London  

  • Mobile, art on mobile phones, group exhibition, Arena Gallery, Liverpool

  • Counter Measure {Time] Florence Arts Trust, London

  • Re.Sound, Sounds like Trouble SVA, Stroud  


  • 60 seconds, video screening, 291 Gallery, London and Darklight Film Festival, Dublin  

  • Counter Measures, Florence Arts Trust, London   


  • Show Apartment, King’s Cross Maiden Lane Estate, London   

  • SOLD, group show Hanbury Gallery, London   

  • “Advice Commission”,  South-Bank Arts Trail, Bristol

Curatorial and Consultancies


  • 2013-2015 #hack4good London, hackathon coach for disruptive digital product development for social good (e.g. Fauna and Flora International, Department for Energy and Climate Change, Friends of the Earth, DEC)    

  • 2009-2010 Project Manager, “Freeasabird – peer support and media project for women in prison”. Peer support network for ex-offenders, Exec producer of 12 short documentaries, Media For Development and London Probation Trust

  • 2006-2008 Project Manager “Testimony - oral history of mental health care 1930s-1980s”. Facilitator of oral history archive. Producer of topical documentaries and co-curator of touring art exhibition on the history of mental health care, Mental Health Media

  • 2007 “Slice of Evidence”, sound art event, curated by Caspar Below and Bruce McClure, RampArt Social Centre, London

  • 2006 “Concrete Mass”, sound art event, curated by Caspar Below, RampArt Social Centre, London

  • 2005 “PopularArt - locating collective space”, curated by Caspar Below and Parvathi Nayar, Nehru Centre and Indian High Commission, London





  • 2013 Winner of Camberwell Open/Public Art installation, with the “Payday Loan Cenotaph”

  • 2013 London Sinfonietta, Special Commendation for “Commuter Audio Algorithm”

  • 2005 a2arts Ephemeral Cities Award for “Black Park”, London

  • 2003 Rebecca Smith Trust Award, Printmaking and Interdisciplinary Work, Bristol